Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus



Current Ph.D. and M.Sc. students

Madalena Bettencourt (Ph.D. student 2021-2024); Helena Vilarinho (Ph.D. student 2020-2023); Joana Santos (Ph.D. student 2020-2023); Joaquim Santos (Ph.D. student 2018-2022); Ana Rodrigues (M.Sc. student 2021-2022); Ana Araújo (M.Sc. student 2021-2022)

Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Assistants (Bolseiros) and Postgraduate Students

Daniel Pape (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2009-2015); Cátia Pinho (Bolseira 2008-2010); Ana Rita Valente (M.Sc. student 2008-2009; Ph.D. student 2012-2018); Susana Rodrigues (Ph.D. student 2010-2015); Moacyr Filho (Ph.D. student 2009-2015); Brígida Patrício (Ph.D. student 2010-2015); Assunção Matos (Ph.D. student 2007-2012); Marisa Lousada (M.Sc. student 2005-2006; Ph.D. student 2007-2012); João Filipe Simões (Ph.D. student 2006-2011); Joana Alves (M.Sc. student 2019); Mafalda Cardoso (M.Sc. student 2019); Mariana Martins (M.Sc. student 2019); Maria José Martinho (M.Sc. student 2019); Joaquim Santos (M.Sc. student 2016-2018; Bolseiro 2014-2017); Megumi Im (M.Sc. student 2017-2019); Bruno Rocha (M.Sc. student 2016); Inês Belo (M.Sc. student 2015); Jéssica Machado (M.Sc. student 2015); Ana Serra (M.Sc. student 2015); Marta Alves (M.Sc. student 2014-2015); Marilda Costa (M.Sc. student 2013-2015); Joana Martinez (M.Sc. student 2014; Bolseira 2014-2016); Sara Castilho (M.Sc. student 2014; Bolseira 2018-2019); Ana Tavares (M.Sc. student 2014); Inês Viana (M.Sc. student 2014); Marta Seara (M.Sc. student 2014); Sílvia Godinho (M.Sc. student 2014); Rita Pereira (M.Sc. student 2014); Catarina Parente (M.Sc. student 2013-2014); Cassandra Pedro (M.Sc. student 2013); Daniela Saraiva (M.Sc. student 2013); Carla Oliveira (M.Sc. student 2012-2013); Diana Domingues (M.Sc. student 2011-2013); Marta Domingues (M.Sc. student 2008-2010); Maria João Ferreira (M.Sc. student 2007-2010); Ana Leal (M.Sc. student 2007-2009); Juliana Sá (M.Sc. student 2008-2009); Bruno Coimbra (M.Sc. student 2007-2009); Ricardo Santos (M.Sc. student 2007-2009; Bolseiro 2007-2008); André Araújo (M.Sc. student 2005-2007); Susana Silva (M.Sc. student 2005-2007)

Previous Research Projects




Keynote Lectures

Advanced Communication and Swallowing Assessment (ACSA)

Table to Tablet (T2T)

Dysphonic to Natural Voice Reconstruction (DyNaVoiceR)

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus