João Paulo Barraca

João Paulo Barraca

Associate Professor

University of Aveiro


Dr. João Paulo Barraca acts as Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro, and researcher at Telecommunications Institute. Currently he is member of the Scientific Committee of the DETI Doctoral Program, member of the Executive Board of UNAVE. He researches in the areas of networking, software engineering and security. He participated in several research projects, either developing novel concepts, or applying these concepts in innovative products and solutions, involving the design of IoT systems, secure solutions for distributed software/communication systems.

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  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtualized Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • PhD in Informatics Engineering, 2012

    University of Aveiro

  • MEng in Electronics and Telecommunications, 2006

    University of Aveiro

  • LEng in Computers and Telematics, 2004

    University of Aveiro



Identification, Authentication and Authorization 2023/2024

Subject lectured to the 1st year of the Masters in Cybersecurity, regarding Identification, Authentication and Authorization approaches, tools and methodologies.

Reverse Engineering 2023/2024

Subject lectured to the 1st year of the Masters in Cybersecurity, providing an entry into reverse engineering processes, tools and methodologies.

Security of Information and Organizations 2022/2023

Subject is lectured to the 3rd year of the LEI and LECT courses, serving as a broad introduction to key topics related to cibersecurity.

Analysis and Exploration of Vulnerabilities 2022/2023

Subject lectured to the 1st year of the Masters in Cybersecurity, providing a view over the issue of vulnerability management, it’s assement, impact, and then exploration.




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