This project proposes to research and develop a solution to address the complex infrastructure management and contact center services, in a hybrid cloud scenario, with clear and tight requirements of SLA, namely involving latency and jitter SLIs (just to name a few). Additionally, this management should be based on the development of a solution that allows the unified and transversal management of local resources (in a service gateway) and data centers remote, respecting SLAs, availability and capacity of resources. For this, the solution is supported on a set of current technologies for virtualization platform management, where its integrated use in the context of scenarios, with low-latency real-time interactive applications, presents challenges relevant science and technology. In this way, the research and development to be carried out within this project will not only allow improvements to an existing product to be made available, such as the availability of a new product and the progress in the state of the art on a scientific level.


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João Paulo Barraca
João Paulo Barraca
Associate Professor

My research interests include cybersecurity, distributed and virtualized systems and software.