The Quantum Transport group is located at the Physics Department of the University of Aveiro and we are part of the Theoretical and Computational Physics (TCP) group of the Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodeling and Nanofabrication (I3N). Besides our research topics, the research of the TCP group includes Ab initio modelling, networks and complex systems, molecular simulation and data mining for materials science.

The Theoretical and Computational Physics group of the I3N institute comprises 15 PhD researchers, two of which are full professors, one associate professor, three assistant professors and three senior researchers.

The I3N-Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication is an Associated Laboratory with two branches located at the Universities of Aveiro and Nova de Lisboa. The main objective of I3N are to advance the discovery, innovation, development and deployment in the multidisciplinary area of nanotechnologies and advanced functional materials. I3N integrates 148 doctorate researchers of various nationalities and more than 100 PhD students. I3N ranked within the top 11 Portuguese Institutes evaluated as Exceptional by FCT.