Quantum dynamics and Quantum transport

PI Responsable: Ricardo G. Dias
Coordinator: UA
Funding Source: National
Funding Type: FCT

Proponent Institution - Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
Campus Universitário de Santiago
Instituto de Nanoestruturas, Nanomodelação e Nanofabricação

Participant Institution - Universidade do Porto (UP)
Universidade do Porto
Centro de Física das Universidades do Minho e do Porto

Ref.: PTDC/FIS-MAC/29291/2017
Start Date: 2018-10-01
End Date: 2022-09-30
State: Ongoing

Summary: The protection of quantum states against decoherence is essential in the context of quantum computing and quantum engineering in general. Several approaches exist that aim to reduce the coupling between the quantum computing system and the environment and therefore increase the decoherence time. One of the most interesting, but difficult to implement experimentally, consists of generating a particularly symmetric coupling between the system and the environment so that there is a subspace of states which are decoherence-free. Another approach consists in storing the information topologically, that is, using topological invariants. In this project, we propose to study decoherence processes in: i) many-body electronic states in topologically non- trivial 1D interacting systems; ii) many-body spin or electronic states in frustrated Hamiltonians which allow real space separation between particles (due to the presence of a flat band in the magnon or electron energy dispersion).