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The Physics Department occupies buildings # 13 and # 32 on the campus map. The Thin Film and Photovoltaics Research Laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the building # 32, door number:

Reaching Physics Dept @ UA from the Airport


At Porto Airport you can take a taxi to the main railway stations: "São Bento" or "Campanhã". The best way is to take the underground (metro) to Campanhã which takes 32 minutes. It runs every 35 minutes (z4 ticket).

At the railway station, there are different types of trains, cheap local trains ("Suburbanos"), which depart every hour and take one hour to reach Aveiro, and more expensive fast trains ("Alfas" or "IC"). The direction of the train is: São Bento -> Campanha -> ... -> Ovar ... -> ... -> Aveiro.

Porto has two main train stations (São Bento and Campanhã). Campanhã is the best if you take the underground.


If you arrive at Lisbon Airport you can take a taxi to the train station "Gare do Oriente" and from there a train to Aveiro (timetable available on The fastest (and recommended) trains are the Intercidades (IC) and Alfa Pendular (Alfas) services. The journey to Aveiro takes about 2h30min. From Aveiro’s railway station you can reach the University either on foot (~20 min walk) or by bus or taxi.