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Thin Film and Photovoltaic Research Laboratory – Physics department

University of Aveiro, Portugal




Research Interests


Research Team


Facilities & Techniques



Dedicated growth equipment:


RF magnetron sputtering/Thermal evaporation chamber (Hybrid Method)

RF magnetron sputtering for transparent conducting oxides (TCO’s)

DC magnetron sputtering for metals

Tubular furnaces for Sulphurization/Selenization

RTP furnace for Sulphurization/Selenization

Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) setup

Programmable Hot Plate

Spray Pyrolysis setup

Ultrasonic bath

Water Deionizer


Other deposition equipment:

E-beam evaporator

Spin coater

UV-Ozone cleaner

Thermal evaporator


Dedicated characterization equipment:

Step profiler - Dektak 150

Spectrophotometer – UV-VIS-NIR with Integrating sphere/Shimadzu UV 3600

I-V measurement system

External Quantum Efficiency measurement system

Hot point probe

Four point probe

pH measurement probe


Other characterization equipment available in the physics department:


Visible and ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy (mapping capability)

Infrared and Visible Photoluminescence spectroscopy

Excitation Photoluminescence spectroscopy

C-V-f measurement system

Impedance spectroscopy


Other characterization equipment available in the University of Aveiro:

X-ray Diffraction