Group Assignment 1 - Capture the Flag


This assignment will focus on the exploration of vulnerabilities in a competitive manner. The objective if for you to compete in one Jeopardy Capture The Flag available at CTFTime. Students should solve 4 challenges in a single category, or 3 challenges in 2 categories, or 3 challenges in a single category, and 2 challenges in another 2 categories. The only categories allowed are web, network, pwn, and crypto.

In order to complete the assignment you should enroll in CTFTime, and then use the same username to enroll in the specific CTF. If you need a team, use the UAC team. Apply and send a message for your request to be authorized.

The assignment should be implemented by a group of 2 students.

Delivery and Grading

Delivery should consist of a compressed (ZIP, TGZ) file submitted through MS Teams, including:

  • Information regarding the CTF participation (CTF, usernames, dates, links);
  • Challenge information;
  • Challenge files provided;
  • The solution to the challenge a description (writeup);
  • Screenshots of you solving it.

Please also provide a screenshot of the CTF platform with the points of each challenge.

The flags and simples solutions must be uploaded to teams before the CTF ends. The assignment can be updated up to 24h later with improved writeups.

Grading will take in consideration the writeup prepared and the points (difficulty) of the challenges.

All materials submitted must be created by the report authors. Using materials from other sources without reference will be considered as plagiarism.