José Aniceto

Junior Researcher at University of Aveiro


Valorization of tomato residues by Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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Machine learning models for the prediction of diffusivities in supercritical CO2 systems

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Predictive models for the binary diffusion coefficient at infinite dilution in polar and nonpolar fluids

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Reversed phase chromatographic separation and downstream precipitation of lupane- and oleanane-type triterpenoids: experiments and modeling based on the method of moments

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Chromatographic separation of betulinic and oleanolic acids

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Enhanced separation of bioactive triterpenic acids with a triacontylsilyl silica gel adsorbent: from impulse and breakthrough experiments to the design of a simulated moving bed unit

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Separation and Purification Technology 248 116991 2020

Design and optimization of a simulated moving bed unit for the separation of betulinic, oleanolic and ursolic acids mixtures: experimental and modeling studies

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General optimization strategy of simulated moving bed units through design of experiments and response surface methodologies

JPS Aniceto CM Silva

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Maxwell-Stefan based modelling of ion exchange systems containing common species (Cd2+, Na+) and distinct sorbents (ETS-4, ETS-10)

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Preparative chromatography: batch and continuous

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Recent simulated moving bed strategies for enhanced separations

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Modeling ion exchange equilibrium of ternary systems using neural networks

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Modelling ion exchange kinetics in zeolyte-type materials using Maxwell-Stefan approach

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Biomass-based polyols through oxypropylation reaction

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Modeling sorbent phase nonideality for the accurate prediction of multicomponent ion exchange equilibrium with the homogeneous mass action law

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Removal of anionic pollutants from waters and wastewaters and materials perspective for their selective sorption

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