Beatriz Sousa Santos

       (Maria Beatriz Alves de Sousa Santos)




             Associate professor with “Agregação”

             Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática, Universidade de Aveiro
             IEETA - Instituto de Engenharia Electrónica e Telemática de Aveiro









*       Short Bio

Scopus Author ID: 7006476948


*       Main Research Areas:

Human-centred Computing

Data and Information Visualization

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Decision Support, Medical and scientific applications


*       Teaching: MIECT, MIEET, MEI:

            Virtual and Augmented Reality   

                        Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Computing, 3D Modelling and Visualization, Introduction to Computer Graphics

Information Visualization

Visual Data Mining

Interactive Computer Systems

Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering; Teaching Practice



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        MC900048285[1]   Selected recent publications in international conferences and book chapters:

o    - Bernardo Marques, Raphael Carvalho, Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa Santos, “Pervasive Augmented Reality for Indoor Uninterrupted Experiences: a User Study”, UbiComp/ISWC'19, London, 2019

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         MC900048285[1]   Recent talks and presentations:

o    – “Virtual reality at IEETA: Using a Human-Centered Computing Approach”, MAP-I Workshop, Braga, September 2019

o    – “Virtual and Other Realities in Science and other Communication Contexts”, iSEA Summer School, Porto, June 2019

o    – “A Brief Introduction to Visualization”, Nokia, March 2019

o    – “Human-Centered Computing- The case of Mixed Reality Systems”, MAP-I Seminar, November 2018

o    – “Heuristic Evaluation in Visualization: an empirical study”, BELIV, IEEE Visualization, Berlin 2018

o    – “Affordable Virtual reality: two applications”, Seminar, Linkoping University, August 2018

o    – “Towards automatic non-metric traits analysis on 3D models of skulls”, International Conference on Information Visualization IV2018, Salerno, July 2018

o    – “An Introduction to Data and Information Visualization”, IoT, the full stack, 2017

o    – “What should a Virtual/Augmented Reality course be?”, Eurographics, Education Track, Lyon 2017