Departament of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI)
Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA)
University of Aveiro (UA)
Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal.
Gabinete: 005 - IEETA
Tel.: +351 234 370 531 / Fax.: +351 234 370 545
E-mail: paulo.dias@ua.pt
Personal Information
I'm an Assistant Professor at the Departament of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) of the University of Aveiro. and a member of the research staff of the Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IRIS) group of the Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA).
My main Research Interest are in 3D Reconstruction, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Visualization of Data and Information, Virtual And Augmented reality, Combination and Fusion of data from Multiple Sensors.

I'm also head of the VARLab a research group formed by individuals from the University of Aveiro

2020: Visiting Researcher at Universitat Politècnica de València [UPV], Spain, March 2020.
2019: Visiting Researcher at Human Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University [HCII-CMU] Pittsburgh, PA - USA, October-December 2019.
2002-2003:Institute of Electronics and Telematics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA), Portugal. PhD Student.
1998-2002:European Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy PhD Student.
Courses 2022-2023:
Interação Humano-Computador (Human Computer Interaction)
Projeto de Jogo 3d (3D Game Project)
Realidade Virtual e Aumentada (Virtual and Augmented Reality)
Visualização de Informação (Information Visualization)
Visão por Computador (Computer Vision)
Current PhD Students:
Nuno Martins:"SivilizARtion - Situated Visualization in Augmented Reality".
Tiago Madeira:"Joint Optimization of Geometry and Texture for 3D Reconstructions Using RGB-D Data".
Master Students 2022-2023:
Desenvolvimento de Jogos educativos em AR no âmbito do projeto EduCITY - Rafael Fonseca
Supporting Training Scenarios through Virtual & Augmented Reality - Ivo Felix
ChemXP, a Serious Game to engage students in solving Organic Chemistry exercises - Mário Bandeira
A video of VARLab and wordle of my publications:
Current Projects (view more):
Illiance - Design, development, and industrialization of complementary technologies, associated with 3 fundamental pillars, namely: health, comfort and sustainability.
EduCITY - Educação inteligente para Cidades Sustentáveis com jogos móveis em realidade aumentada.