Architecture for orchestration of M2M services


The past few years, miniaturization has allowed us to imbue computers into everyday devices. This in turn has enabled these devices to communicate with each other, and in doing so, allows us to collect a wealth of information, more accurately and with greater availability than ever before. This phenomenon is known as the Internet of Things. It allows smart environments to truly behave in an intelligent manner by using information collected from the devices mentioned above. However, it’s necessary to model how the gathered data will influence the behavior of a smart environment. This open problem can be approached as a machine to machine (M2M) orchestration. In this paper we present a new architecture for M2M orchestration. This new architecture will be based around a platform that creates orchestration processes through a graphical interface. Through this interface a business process execution language (BPEL) service will be made and deployed on an enter- prise service bus (ESB). Alongside this, we are also developing a collection of services that will be used for the purposes of implementing a smart environment.

12th Conferência sobre Redes de Computadores