Human-Centric Design of Unified Communications: e-Collaboration Features


This article describes a co-design process in the context of user experience (UX) and usability testing and analysis of a first proof of concept of e-collaboration features based on unified communications, co-designed within an organization aiming to optimize users’ communication cognitive load. An initial digital prototype with a detailed graphical interface, and simulated user narratives was established and the qualitative validation process is described and discussed. The implemented R&D process is mainly supported on user-centred design (UCD) methodology, namely action research with service design thinking method and co-design techniques. Qualitative data was gathered with concurrent think-aloud activities (CTA) stimulated by user experience expectation questions, observation notes, with integration in an eye tracking technology system. The UCD process and results are discussed, substantiating the added value due to the individual contributions and consequent usefulness of a final unified communication service for the organization.

International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC)