LORE - Location Routing Exploration

Dedicated website: http://lore.web.ua.pt/.

This software aims to solve both location and routing problems (or even the integrated approach: location-routing problems).
The software is stand-alone and was developed for Windows platforms using XAML for the graphical user interface and C# for the code-behind.

Altough in its first versions, the software is functional and has been tested on many instances. The currently supported problem is the Capacitated Location-Routing Problem. Therefore, it also supports specific cases such as the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (by considering all depots as installed) or the Facility Location Problem (by considering direct paths between depots and clients).

The software supports integration with the Demis Web Map Service (WMS), thus providing real online geographical data. In the near future other models will be added to the software as well as further integration with other WMS.

Three-objective Interactive Approach

Windows executable: InteractiveApproach.zip.

This software is a prototype implementing an interactive approach for multi-objective mixed integer programming (MOMIP) proposed in Lopes (2011).
The software is stand-alone (for Windows platforms) and was built using XAML for the graphical user interface and C# for the code-behind.

The prototype tackles three-objective MOMIP problems, allowing the (graphical) exploration of the objectives space, and interacting with GLPK, for solving the mathematical formulation. Graphical representation of the solutions must be uploaded (although for specific problems, a dedicated module may be added).