From Biological Nets to the Internet and WWW
SN Dorogovtsev | JFF Mendes


This text provides a concise, informative introduction to the principles of the organization and evolution of both natural and artificial networks. These are new concepts, based on the latest progress in network science. The book is written by physicists and is addressed to all researchers involved in the field and students. The aim of the text is to understand the generic principles of the complex organization of diverse networks: the Internet and World Wide Web, cellular networks, social nets, and many others. The ideas are presented in a clear and a pedagogical way, with minimal mathematics, so even students without a deep knowledge of mathematics and statistical physics will be able to rely on this as a reference. Special attention is given to real networks. Collected empirical data and numerous real applications of existing concepts are discussed in detail, as well as the topical problems of communication and other networks.