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New natural wonders of the world:
1. Komodo (Indonesia)
2. Halong Bay (Vietnam)
3. Iguazu falls (Argen., Brazil)
4. Amazon river.
5. Puerto Princesa (Philippines)
6. Table mountain (South Afr.)
7. Jeju Island (Sourth Korea)
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This site describes our trips to different places on the earth and to different countries. All the trips can be divided in two groups. The first group includes trips in the former USSR in a period from 1965 to 1994. During this time I visited more than 60 cities of the former USSR and 12 from 15 republics of the former USSR (excluding Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan). The most valuable natural wonders are North and Polar Ural, Baikal lake and surroundings, Sayan Range, Karelia, Kola peninsula and lake "Sari Chelek" (Golden cup) in Kirkhistan. All the trips were done from cities Ujljanovsk (1965 - 1972) and Minsk (1972 - 1994). The second group mainly includes trips outside of the former USSR in a period from 1994 to the present time. All the trips of the second group were done from Portugal. During this period I visited all the countries of North America, all the countries of Europe, All the countries of Sourth America (except Guyana and Suriname), all the countries of Sourth-East Asia (except Butan and Timor-Leste) and half countries belonging to Australia and Oceania. The visited places include all the new wonders of the world, only one remaining old wonder (Egypt piramides), all the new natural wonders of the world and many other places although not included in the official wonders but undoubtedly belonging to them. That is why other places which I would like to include in the list of wonders are described (this is my own choice and it is not imposed to other people). In this period we have seen what we call "the most interesting". We swam with gigantic whale sharks in Philippines, with the largest rays (Manta Ray) in the Yap island in Federatet States of Micronesia, with huge number of jellyfishes in jelly-fish lake in Palau, flew over Nasca lines in Peru, visited Easter Island, active volcano Yasur in Vanuatu, snorkelled in Sipadan island (Malaysia), visited the most interesting national parks with animals (Serengeti, Masai-Mara, Ngorongoro, Ocavango delta, Chobe, Kruger, Addo, Shamvari, Etosha, and many others), flew over lava flow in Kilauela (Hawai). This is only a small list from what is intended to show in this site which will be presented in Russian and in English. I do hope to finish this site during a year.
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New wonders of the world:
1. Tadj Mahal (Agra, India
2. Petra (Jordan)
3. Chichen Itza (Mexico)
4. Macchu Picchu (Peru)
5. Corcovado (Brazil)
6. Great Wall (China
7. Coliseum (Italy)
Wonders (my choice):
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Please find here my choice of wonders divided in five categories. This is my own choise and, of course, it is not proposed to other people. The list can be changed in future because the following set of the rules is intended to be used: 1) the list includes only places which I have already visited; 2) criteria of official lists are not taken into account. There are some reasons for this: official lists are as well subjective, because they are effected by: 1) geographical position and potential number of interested parties who vote (indeed, five natural wonders are from Asia); 2) the majority of vouting people  had never been in places selected by them  (selection by available pictures and videos significantly depends on the quality of the pictures and the videos); 3) no natural wonder has been chosen from Australia, Canada, Russia and the Unites States. If you visited Baikal lake, national parks of Australia, Canada and the United States then you will probably agree with me that the relevant places are fantastic (thus I assume, that in the results of vouting subjective factors are taken into account); 4) I cannot understand that if a country does not want to participate in competition its wonders are not considered (indeed, why Egypt piramids are not included in the list)