Luís Seabra Lopes
Associate Professor of Informatics

Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática, Universidade de Aveiro, P-3810-193 Aveiro - Portugal
+351-234-370374 [phone] (internal : 23018); +351-234-378157 [fax]; lsl <at> ua <dot> pt [email]

Academic degrees

Ph.D. in electrical engineering, area of robotics and integrated manufacturing, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1998.

Licenciatura degree in computer science, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1990.

My research interests are in the broad area of intelligent systems, particularly in which concerns applications of artificial intelligence in robotics. My Ph.D. thesis (1997) focused on robot learning at the task level and it's application in the robotized assembly domain. In more recent projects, I have addressed other topics in human-robot interaction and multi-robot systems. Current research takes place within the
Transverse Activity on Intelligent Robotics (ATRI/IEETA), of which I was the coordinator between 1999 and 2009. My main project at the moment is RACE - Robustness by Autonomous Competence Enhancement, an European FP7 project of which I am the local scientific coordinator.


Main projects
I am/was the scientific coordinator of the following projects:

·         RACE - Robustness by Autonomous Competence Enhancement, funded by European Union (FP7), 2011-2014. (local scientific coordinator for UA)

·         LANGG - Language Grounding for Human-Robot Communication, funded by FCT, 2004-2008.

·         CAMBADA - Cooperative, Autonomous Mobile roBots with Advanced Distributed Architecture, funded by FCT, 2003-2006. In this period, I was also the (first) "team leader" of the CAMBADA robotic soccer team, created by the project.

·         CARL - Communication, Action, Reasoning and Learning in Robotics, funded by FCT, 1999-2001.


Main events
I co-organized the following events

·         EPIA'2009 - 14th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence - Aveiro, October 12-15, 2009. (conference co-chair)

·         3rd Semantic Robot Vision Challenge, Las Vegas, December 2009. (software league co-chair)

·         Symposium on Language and Robots'2007 - Aveiro, December 10-12, 2007: we had exciting talks by Deb Roy (MIT), Luc Steels (VU Brussel), Gerhard Sagerer (U. Bielefeld), Michael Anderson (U. Maryland), etc. (symposium co-chair)

·         8th Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions - Aveiro, April 2, 2008, the scientific meeting of the Portuguese Robotics Open - Robotica'2008 (conference co-chair)

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