Linking Ad Hoc Charging Schemes to AAAC Architectures


The current state of todays networks allows us to take one step further in merging the research communitys work with every days life. Wireless ad hoc networks are already well developed for specific scenarios. This work shows how to build the link between the wired network and a wireless ad hoc infrastructure, in particular routing and AAAC aspects. Such integration might lead, for example, to a better spacial and resource distributed hotspot solution. We provide the basis for inter-operation of AAAC protocols known for the fixed network, with the accounting protocol that performs the accounting and charging functions in the ad hoc network. This paper further describes the implementation of the Secured Charging Protocol as an instantiation of a charging protocol for ad hoc networks and the features which were added to improve the interface to an external accounting system. It covers the interaction with the MANET routing protocol and how to deal with routes to or from outside the ad hoc cloud.

Proceedings of the First European conference on Security in Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks