Research Interests

I study complex systems using statistical physics and other mathematical methods. I'm mainly interested in:

Complex networks

A key principle in complex systems is that the behaviour of a system can emerge from the pattern of interactions between its many elements. This means that very disparate systems can sometimes be described by very similar models, and that networks are a very useful representation. I study
Network structure, Critical phenomena, Processes on networks,
Multiplex and interdependent networks

Social (and other) collective phenomena

In many real systems, repeated controlled experiments are impossible. Relatively simple stochastic models of collective processes can reproduce behaviours of real systems surprisingly well, allowing us to compare different mechanisms, and the effects of different parameters of the system. I'm particularly intrested in applications to society and culture.
Language change, social networks, opinion dynamics
Population genetics, copying processes

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Selected Recent Publications

G. J. Baxter, R. A. da Costa, S. N. Dorogovtsev, and J. F. F. Mendes
Exotic critical behavior of weak multiplex percolation
Physical Review E 102 032301 (2020) [Preprint]

G. J. Baxter, R. A. da Costa, S. N. Dorogovtsev, and J. F. F. Mendes
Complex distributions emerging in filtering and compression
Physical Review X 10 011074 (2020) [Preprint]

G. J. Baxter, G. Timár and J. F. F. Mendes
Targeted damage to interdependent networks
Physical Review E 98 032307 (2018) [Preprint]

G. J. Baxter and W. Croft
Modeling language change across the lifespan: individual trajectories in community change
Language Variation and Change 28 129-173 (2016) [Preprint]

G. J. Baxter, S. N. Dorogovtsev, K.-E. Lee, J. F. F. Mendes, and A. V. Goltsev, Critical Dynamics of the k-Core Pruning Process
Physical Review X 5 031017 (2015)

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Contact and Other Information

Department of Physics & I3N
University of Aveiro
Campus Universitario de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro


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