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Peter Heuberger, Brett Ninness, Tomás Oliveira e Silva, Paul Van den Hof and Bo Wahlberg, "Modelling and Identification with Orthogonal Basis Functions," Dec. 1997. Workshop notes of a pre-conference tutorial presented at the 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, CA.


The aim of this workshop is to present a systematic approach to the design and use of flexible orthogonal basis functions in problems of identification and approximation of linear systems, and to show their attractive properties both in theory and in industrial (identification) problems.

Decomposing dynamical systems in terms of orthogonal expansions enables the modelling/approximation of the system with a finite length expansion. By flexibly tuning the basis functions to underlying system characteristics, the rate of convergence of these expansions can be drastically increased, leading to highly accurate models (small bias) being represented by few parameters (small variance). Additionally algorithmic and numerical aspects are favourable.

A recent developed general theory for basis construction will be presented, that is a generalization of the classical Laguerre theory. It is shown to have relations with balanced realizations of all-pass (inner) functions. The basis functions are applied in problems of identification, approximation, identification for control (uncertainty modelling), and adaptive filtering, particularly exploiting the property that basis function models are linearly parametrized. Besides powerful algorithms, they also provide useful analysis tools for understanding the underlying identification/approximation algorithms.

Theoretical results will be supported by industrial identification examples and software tools will be presented for handling the identification problems.

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