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Why names are slightly different?

My correct name written in Russian (i.e. in cyrillic alphabet) is Валерий Скляров.

My first publication, where the name was written in Roman alphabet, appeared in 1974 and from the point of view of pronunciation it sounds better as Valery Sklyarov

In all my publications this name is the same, i.e.  Valery Sklyarov

When I got passport for international travels the name was written as Valeri Skliarov, i.e. the letter i was used instead of y. At that time (about 40 years ago) in the former USSR it was actually impossible (or at least unreasonable) to provide any change in official documents

Gradually the spelling Valeri Skliarov has been written in all my documents

Thus, please consider the spelling Valeri Skliarov as my only correct name and the spelling Valery Sklyarov as my only name used to indicate myself as the author in my publications

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