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ADGIS @ Aveiro

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Analysis and Differential Geometry International Seminar

University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Aims and goals ZOOM

The online seminar Analysis and Differential Geometry International Seminar (ADGIS@Aveiro) is jointly organized by the research groups CHAG and OGTCG, as well as by the thematic line PICS. It aims to bring together specialists from analysis and geometry with particular emphasis on partial differential equations, differential geometry, analysis on filtered manifolds, singular (differential) operators, spectral theory, and their connections to other fields. ZOOM

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1st seminar

February 24, at 16:00 (17:00 CET), Victor Nistor, Université de Lorraine, France

Title: Analysis on singular and non-compact spaces and Lie manifolds

Abstract: I will begin by reviewing some classical results on the analysis on compact manifolds and on manifolds with conical points (due to Kondratiev and others).ZIt turns out that many of these classical results generalize to a larger class of singular or non-compact spaces defined using Lie algebroids and Lie manifolds.ZSince we will treat singular spaces by blowing them up to a non-compact manifold, I will refer in the following only to non-compact manifolds. Z

In order to obtain the mentioned generalizations, I willZstress the role of Lie algebroids and hence of suitable classes of vector fields in modelling the geometry at infinity, which is at the heart of the definition of a Lie manifold. AsZan example, I will explain how to obtain FredholmZconditions for the natural operators on suitable Lie manifolds. The results of this talk are based, in part, on joint work with Ammann, Carvalho, and Yu. Z

This online seminar is supported by CIDMA - Center for Research and Development in Mathematics and Applications, and FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia with references UIDB/04106/2020 and UIDP/04106/2020.