It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 20th Annual Workshop on Applications and Generalizations of Complex Analysis, to be held at the University of Aveiro on March 25-26, 2022.

As customary, we will have invited communications (about 45 min) and short communications (about 20 min).

We would be glad if you would decide to participate and even more if you could provide a contribution.


Paula Cerejeiras 

Milton Ferreira

Uwe Kähler 

Nelson Vieira 


Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Aveiro

Campus de Santiago

P-3810-193 Aveiro 


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20th Annual Workshop on

Applications and Generalizations of Complex Analysis

Aveiro, March 25-26, 2022


Daniel Alpay, Chapman University, Orange, CA USA - Discrete function theory from Schur analysis point of view

Fabrizio Colombo, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy - Recent advances in the theory of Aharonov-Berry superoscillations

Dmitrii Legatiuk, Universität Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany - Discrete Hardy spaces for bounded domains in IR^n


Jonas Brinker, Universität Stuttgart, Germany - Operator algebras defined by ultradifferentiable group actions

Ana Conceição, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal - Symbolic computation applied to Cauchy type singular integrals

Alberto Debernardi, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal - Gabor orthonormal bases, tiling and periodicity

Sören Kraußhar, Universität Erfurt, Germany - Some new results around generalizations of an argument principle in Clifford and octonionic analysis

Antonino De Martino, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy - The F-resolvent equation and Riesz projectors for the F-functional calculus

Kamal Diki, Chapman University, Orange CA, US - An approach to the Gaussian RBF kernels via Fock spaces

Rui Marreiros, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal - On the dimension of the kernel of a singular integral operator with non-Carleman shift

Rui Martins, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal - Discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic first-order PDEs

Stefano Pinton, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy - Fractional powers of higher order vector operators on bounded and unbounded domains

Ivan Pombo, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal - Extensions of the Calderón problem for discontinuous complex conductivities

Irene Sabadini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy - A new approach to hyperholomorphic functions via slice topology

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