The 23rd European Intensive Course will be held at the University of Aveiro March 26 through March 30, 2018. The Course will have a total of 12 hours of lecture time, at postgraduate level, introducing topics of high current interest. This year the Intensive Course will be centered around the following topics:

Harmonic Analysis, Representation Theory, and Inverse Problems

During the course there will be extended coffee breaks in a relaxed environment where lecturers and participants are encouraged to share ideas in a more informal way. Successfully participating students will get a certificate.

Poster EIC 2018

LECTURERS - tentative schedule

Lectures will take place in the Room Sala Sousa Pinto (room equipped with beamer, projector, computer, and white board)

Michael Ruzhansky, Imperial College London, U.K.

Very weak solutions to partial differential equations

Roman Novikov, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, École Polytechnique, France

Introduction to inverse scattering

Abstract: We give an introduction into the domain of inverse scattering problems by considering such problems for the Schrodinger equation.

This course is based, in particular, on classical results going back to M. Born (1926), B. Lippmann, J. Schwinger (1950), I. Gel'fand, B. Levitan (1951), V. Marchenko (1955), L. Faddeev (1956), C. Gardner, J.Greene, M. Kruskal, R. Miura (1967), S. Agmon (1975), and on recent results of R. Novikov (2015, 2016, 2018).


[1] R.G. Novikov, Introduction to the inverse scattering problem for the Schrodinger equation, Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics (B.A. Dubrovin ed.), pp. 216-235, Moscow 2014 (in Russian)

[2] R.G. Novikov, Inverse scattering without phase information, Seminaire Laurent Schwartz - EDP et applications, (2014-2015), Exp. No16, 13pp.


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23rd European Intensive

Course on Complex Analysis, its Generalizations and Applications

Aveiro, March 26-30, 2018