Adding fricatives to the Portuguese articulatory synthesizer

Teixeira, Jesus and Martinez (2003)

In Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (EuroSpeech 2003), Volume 4, Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 2949-2952.

First attempts at incorporating models of frication into an articulatory synthesizer, with a modular and flexible design, are presented. Although the synthesizer allows the user to choose different combinations of source types, noise volume velocity sources have been used to generate turbulence. Preliminary results indicate that the model is capturing essential characteristics of the transfer functions and spectral characteristics of fricatives. Results also show the potential of performing synthesis based on broad articulatory configurations of fricatives.

TeixeiraJesusMartinez2003.pdf - Paper (Acrobat file)

TeixeiraJesusMartinez2003PPT.pdf - Oral presentation (Acrobat file) - Synthesis videos (AVI files, compressed with PowerArchiver 2001 Version 6.11)

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus

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