Assessment of Aphasia in Portugal: Past, present and future

Matos, M., L. Jesus, and M. Cruice (2014)

In Proceedings of the 15th International Science of Aphasia Conference (Science of Aphasia 2014), Venice, Italy. Published in the journal Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie 19(Supplement 4), 78-83.

In Portugal, stroke is the first cause of death and disability. Due to the increased survival and growth of the elderly population in Portugal, its prevalence has been increasing, causing a tremendous impact not only on the individual but also in their own family and in general society. Overall, there is increasing interest in the usage of aphasia assessments in clinical practice in acute and rehabilitation settings.

The aim of this work is to explore the aphasia assessment tools available in Portugal.

A literature review was conducted to identify all the studies that report the development and/or translation and adaptation of aphasia assessment tools to European Portuguese. A search was conducted in the following databases: Medline; Pubmed; B-on; Scielo; Databases of Portuguese journals related with health and social sciences; National (scientific) open access repository.

A total of 20 assessment tools were identified. Ten (10) of these tools are impairment-based. Four (4) assess activity limitations. Four (4) assess activity limitations and participation restrictions. One (1) instrument assesses barriers and facilitators. One (1) tool assesses quality of life. The most recently developed assessment tools are centred in activity limitations, participation restrictions, contextual factors and quality of life. Many of these assessment tools’ psychometric properties are still being studied.

There has been substantial assessment tools development in the last 6 years (50% tools developed since 2008). Psychometric validation pending, Portuguese clinicians and researchers have an appropriate range of tools to enable holistic assessment of individuals with aphasia.

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus

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