International Guidelines for Cross-cultural Adaptation of Health Assessment Instruments: A Tutorial

Jesus, L., and A Bowen (2015)

In Proceedings of the CATs Conference 2015 Future Directions for Aphasia Research, London, UK.

Stroke and aphasia evidence-based practice would be enhanced, and comparisons across countries would be facilitated, if international guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of health assessment instruments were followed. A broader evidence- base for effective service delivery planning based on results from large scale randomised controlled trials requires that the same stroke and aphasia assessment instruments are validated in different cultures. Therefore, good practice for cross- cultural adaptation of instruments and practical examples of instruments in stroke and aphasia will be presented. Finally, issues related to the distribution of health assessment tools will also be discussed.

JesusBowen2015.pdf - Abstract (Acrobat 9.5.5 Pro file)

JesusBowen2015_pptx.pdf - Oral presentation (Acrobat 9.5.5 Pro file)

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus

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