Universidade de Aveiro’s voice evaluation protocol

Jesus, Barney, Santos, Caetano, Jorge and Couto (2009)

In Proceedings of InterSpeech 2009, Brighton, UK, pp. 971-974.

This paper presents Universidade de Aveiro’s Voice Evaluation Protocol for European Portuguese (EP), and a preliminary inter-rater reliability study. Ten patients with vocal pathology were assessed, by two Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs). Protocol parameters such as overall severity, roughness, breathiness, change of loudness (CAPE-V), grade, breathiness and strain (GRBAS), glottal attack, respiratory support, respiratory-phonotary-articulatory coordination, digital laryngeal manipulation, voice quality after manipulation, muscular tension and diagnosis, presented high reliability and were highly correlated (good inter-rater agreement and high value of correlation). Values for the overall severity and grade were similar to those reported in the literature.

JesusBarneySantosCaetanoJorgeCouto2009.pdf - Paper (CutePDF (Ghostscript 8.60) file)

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus

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