Cross-disciplinary and International Research Collaborations in Health Sciences

Jesus, L. (2013)

Oral presentations at the Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 21st January 2013, and the Department Speech and Hearing Sciences, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, 23rd January 2013.

The School of Health Sciences, University of Aveiro (ESSUA) in Portugal, houses Gerontology, Nursing and Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Radiography and Speech and Language Therapy divisions. The ESSUA is currently a national reference in terms of teaching and research quality in the above areas with a wide experience in internal (across different areas in the university campus, e.g., engineering and psychology), national (across different schools in the country) and international (e.g. Leuven, London, Southampton, and Toronto) collaborative work. This presents a number of opportunities for challenging traditional subject-specific approaches to health research and new collaborations. This talk will explore some of the work in progress at the University of Aveiro and its cross-disciplinary nature. It also aims to explore avenues with potential for teaching and research collaborations between our two universities. Specifically, aspects related to the potential to generate international collaborative research grants, exchange post-graduate students and joint supervisions, opportunities for clinical collaboration and enhancement of participant recruitment and data collection will be approached, establishing our two institutions as universities of reference in rehabilitation research.

PreparatoryVisits2012_1013TCD.pdf - Oral presentation at Trinity College Dublin (Acrobat 9.5.3 Pro file)

PreparatoryVisits2012_1013UCC.pdf - Oral presentation at University College Cork (Acrobat 9.5.3 Pro file)

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Luís Miguel Teixeira de Jesus

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