Side Projects

These are some of the hobby projects in which I am (or was) involved. They are personal projects or personal participations, resulting from some hacks, and/or specific needs. Listed here for personal reference. Therefore its usefulness (to you) may be relative.

  • Paradox Alarm Interface: An interface to alarm panels, providing integration with many systems.
  • Gadgetbridge: An alternative software for some of the most common smart watches and sports bands.
  • dRonin: dRonin is software to control quadcopters and other small aircraft systems focused in FPV racing and aerial robotics.
  • pyNRF24: A driver for the nRF24L01+ written in Python
  • MiniUPNP: A CLI tool for accessing UPnP
  • LaTeXUA: A base system for thesis and dissertation written in LaTeX
  • Mail-Trends: All your mail stats. Maintained fork additional features
  • PACP: Secure Charging Algorithm for Ad-hoc Networks