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Clarisse Soares
Physics Department

International Conference

Science of Complex Networks: from Biology to the Internet and WWW

University of Aveiro, Aveiro (Portugal)
29 August - 2 September 2004

 The registration form can be  obtained here (*.doc, *.pdf). Please fill  and return by email to: or alternatively you may FAX it to the number:
234 424 965

In case you want to present talk/poster send the abstract also by fax or email.

Information about the accepted oral talks by participants: July 31.


Normal Graduate Students  Other Students
 Until June 30 150 € 100 €

50 €

Between June 30 and July 31 

180 €

After July 31
(deadline: August 13)

200 €

Fee includes a booklet of abstracts and writing material, one lunch per day and coffee breaks.