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Conference address:
Clarisse Soares
Physics Department

International Conference  on

Science of Complex Networks: from Biology to the Internet and WWW

University of Aveiro, Aveiro (Portugal)
29 August - 2 September 2004

Poster dimensions: 70x100 cm

List Participants

Surname Given_names Institution Abs_Title_1
Abreu Fernão University of Aveiro
AUSLOOS Marcel Universitat Liége
BARABÁSI Albert-Lázló University of Notre Dame
BERNADINO Nelson Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional Endemic and Epidemic Thresholds on dynamic small worlds
BERSINI Hughes Université Libre Bruxelles The interplay between the dynamics and metadynamics of immune, neural and chemical networks
BIANCONI Ginestra Abdus Salam Center for theoretical Physics “Clogging and self organized criticality in complex networks
BIHAM Ofer The Hebrew Unuversity Master equation for reaction networks
BOGUÑA Marian Departament de Fisica Fonamental, Universitat de Barcelona Competition and adaptation in an internet evolution model
BOLLÉ Desire University of Leuven
Univ. Liege
BURDA Z Jagellonian University
Statistical mechanics of complex networks
CALDARELLI Guido INFN Scale free networks with Taxonomy trees
CANO Pedro Universitat Pompeu Fabra Patterns in music information networks

CARMI Shai Bar-Ilan

CARRILO Jose-Luis Instituto de Física, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla Cluster Dynamics of magneto rheological suspensions under perturbation
CARVALHO José Manuel Pueyo Rodrigues

Casaleggio Davide

CASTRO Paulo Instituto de Física de S. Carlos Non-linear Barabási-Albert Network
COCCIETI Fabrizio INFM The social structure of the WWW
COELHO Ricardo Centro de Física do Porto Wealth Distributions in Dynamic Networks
Colaiori Francesca INFM
COSTEA Carmen Academy if Economic Studies
COULOMB Stephane CEA/SPHT Is mutational robustness really correlated to the topology of protein interaction networks
COUTINHO António Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
DALFO SIMÓ Cristina Dep. Matematica Aplicada 4, Emergence of allometric scaling in the optimization of networks by simulated annealling
DERENYI Imre Department of Biological Physics TBA
DONETTI Luca University of Granada - Facultad de Ciências Detecting network communities: a new systematic and efficient algorithm
Dorogovtsev Serguei U. Aveiro
Minimal models of weight scale-free networks
DROZDOV Aleksey Department of Chemical Engineering, Ben Gurion University Statistics of flexible chains with excluded volume interactions
EVANS Tim Theoretical Physics, Blackett Lab
FAÍSCA Patricia Centro Física Teórica e Computacional Native geometry and dynamics of contact pattern formation in protein folding
FISHER Michael E. Maryland University
MOLECULAR MOTORS: Observations and Theory

FOUNTURA Luciano Universidade S. Paulo
FRONCZAK Agata Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology Structural properties of random networks with hidden variables
GFELLER David École Polytechnique de Lausanne
GONTIS Vygintas Vilnius University, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy Point process model of 1/f noise and Internet traffic
Brunel University
HATCHETT Jonathan King’s College London Dynamics of finitely connected disordered Isisng spin systems
HAVLIN Shlomo Bar Ilan University Shortest paths, optimal paths and transport in complex networks
HAYES Wayne Computer Science, University of California
HELBING Dirk TU Dresden Institute for Economics and Traffic Dynamics in Supply, Production and Traffic Networks
HEYLEN Rob KULEUVEN - Institute for Theoretical Physicis
HOLYST Janusz Warsaw University of Technology Universal Statistics or public transport networks in Polish cities
JASCH Florian Institut für Physik, Carl Von Ossietsky Universität Relaxation Dynamics of Disordered Networks
KALISKY Tomer Minerva Center and Department of Physics Scale Free Networks Emerging from Disordered Random Graphs
KALUZA Pablo Dep. Physical Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute of Max Planck Society Reverse Engineering of Chemical Networks
KANOVSKY Igor Emek Yzreel College Small world graph clustering
KASKI Kimmo Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Computacional Engineering Predicting development of epidemics with a dynamic small world model
KLEMM Konstantin University of Leipzig Topological motifs determine stability of attractors in biological networks
KORI Hiroshi Dep. Physical Chemistry, Fritz Haber Institute of Max Planck Society Dynamics in complex oscillator networks with pacemakers
KRAPIVSKY Paul Boston University Random Graphs, Random Partitions, Random Polygons, etc.: Deterministic Characteristics of Large Random Structures
KURUMATANI Koichi ITR, AIST (National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology)
LATAS Sofia da Conceição V. Departamento Física
LAVICKA Hynek FJFI CVUT Minority Game with social network
LAWNICZAK Anna T. Department of Mathematics and Statistics The collective Dynamics of Packets Traffics in data network models
LEIBLER Stanislas The Rockfeller University
LENAERTS Tom IRIDIA - Université Libre de Bruxelles Complex Networks in Chemical Reaction Networks
LIMA Manuel Sousa Parsons School of Design
MARQUES Sandra Eduarda Martins F.

MASSEN Clare Trinity College, Trinity Street Characterization of the topology of networks representing potential energy landscapes of Lennard-Jones Clusters
Mendes Jose University of Aveiro

MENDOZA Maria-Eugenia Instituto de Física, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla Patterns of Aggregation in the coprecipitation of iron oxalates
MENDOZA Maria-Eugenia Instituto de Física, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla Patterns of Aggregation in the coprecipitation of iron oxalates
MIKHAILOV Alexander Dep Physical Chemistry, Evolutionary design of functional networks
MONASSON Rémi Chargé de Recherche
What is universal in the polynomial/exponential transition of
combinatorial search algorithms?
MOTTER Adilson Enio Max-Plank Inst. Physics of Complex Systems Complex-Network Synchronization
MUFF Stefanie Institute of Biochemistry, University of Zurich Network Analysis of Structured peptides
NACHER José Carlos Bioinformatics Center Scale free network and Clustering coefficients under line graph transformation
Oliveira João University of Aveiro
ONODY Roberto Nicolau Departamento de Física e Informática, Instituto de Física Complex Network study of brazilian soccer
PACHECO Jorge M. Complexo Interdisciplinar Cooperation in Population Networks
PARK Juyong University of Michigan The Statistical Mechanics of Networks
PEREIRA-LEAL José MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Novel Specificities emerge by step wise duplication of functional modules
PETERMAN Thomas Laboratoire de Biophysique Statistique, ITP.FSB The role of clustering and Gridlike ordering in Epidemic Spreading
PIMENTEL Iveta Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional, Dep. Física
Povolotsky Alexander Univ. Aveiro

PRZULJ Natasa Department of Computer Science Geometric model of protein Interaction networks
RAJKOVIC Milan Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca Paradoxal Games on Networks
RAMASCO José J. Centro de Física do Porto, F. Ciências da U.Porto Self organization of collaboration networks
Xulvi -Brunet Ramon Newtonstr 15, 12489, Structure and properties of assortative correlated scale-free networks.
RAO Francesco University of Zurich Protein folding: from simplicity to complexity and back
REICHARDT Joerg Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics Detecting fuzzy community structure in complex networks using a Q-state Potts model
RIORDAN Oliver Cambridge University
RODGERS Geoff Brunel University
ROHLF Thimo Max-Planck Inst. for Mathematics in the Science Morphogenesis by coupled regulatory networks
ROZENFELD Alejandro Minerva Center and Department of Physics The importance of space in scale free
SAMUKHIN Alexander Ioffe Institute
SANJUAN Miguel AF Non Linear Dynamics and Chaos Group How Non Local couplings affect the synchronization of a foodweb model network
SANTOS Paulo Alexandre Departamento de Matemática
SANTOS Mário Jorge César Universidade do Porto
SANTOS Maria Augusta Departamento Física Fac. Ciências
SANTOS Francisco Dep Fisica Fac. Ciencias Univ, Lisboa Evolution of cooperation
SARAMAKI Jari Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Computational Engineering Self-Organizing Monte Carlo optimization in networks
SENDINA NADAL IRENE Group of Non Linear Dynamics and Chaos Theory How non local couplings affect the synchronization of a foodweb model network
SERRANO M.Angeles Departament de Fisica Fonamental, Universitat de Barcelona
SEYED-ALLAEI Hamed SISSA An algorithm to generate dynamic scale free networks
SHÄFER Mirko Universität Giessen/Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona Self-organization in wireless multi-hop ad hoc networks - a cross disciplinary statistical physics perspective
SHIBATA Tatsuo Hiroshima University Noisy signal amplification in ultrasensitive signal transductor
SIKKANDHAR Rajimunisha Center for Plant conservation Role of Internet in Biological Sciences
SILVA Estelina Lora Universidade de Aveiro
SIMÕES Joana Margarida Almeida University College London, SPEMOD - Epidemic Modeling in Social Mobility Networks
SÖDERBERG Bo Dept. of Theoretical Physics, Lund University Random graphs with hidden color
SOUMA Wataru ATR Network Informatics Laboratories Shareholding networks in Japan
SOUSA A University Stuttgard
STOUFFER Daniel Northwestern University Two conditions to explain the success of food web models
STRIMMER Korbinian University of Munich Empirical Bayes inference at Large Scale Networks from Glime Expression Data
SUZUKI Norikazu Laboratory of Physics, College of Science and Technology Seismic complexity and Networks
Svendesen nils kalstad

SZABÓ Gábor Department of Theoretical Physics Communication on scale free trees
SZEKFU Balazs Department of Information and Knowledge Management The emergence of Social beliefs in Human networks
SZVETELSZKY Zsuzsanna Eotvos University, Institut of Informatics Gossip: The self organizing complex network of Human Communication
TADIC Bosiljka J. Stefan Institute Network Flow: Between topology and dynamics
UETZ Peter Institute of Genetics Protein interaction maps in virus, bacteria, and yeast
VAN NOORT Vera Cemter for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics Simple model for the evolution of the co-expression network
VERDASCA José Complexo Interdisciplinar Recurrent childhood epidemics on complex networks
VESPIGNANI Alexandro Laboratoire de Phyisique Théorique (UMR du CNRS 8627)
The architecture of complex weighted networks
VON FERBER Christian Theoretische Polymerphysik Dynamics of Scale Free Networks: Scaling Behaviour
WACLAW Bartolomiej Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics
WEMMENHOVE Bastian Institute for theoretical Physics Slowly evolving geometry in a reccurent neural network on a random graph

Peturbation: The Catatrophy causer in scale free networks