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Conference addrees:
Clarisse Soares
Physics Department

Informations for Speakers

Speakers are asked to prepare their talk presentations in transparencies or electronic form. In case of electronic form the preferred format is Acrobat portable document format (.pdf) or power point format (.ppt). In both cases it is preferable to use standard fonts. If you use special fonts you should make sure to include them in the file. A beamer will be available in the meeting room. Talks will be projected from a laptop computer provided by the conference organizers.
 Speakers are requested to some days before the conference send by email their talks file. Please send your talk with title on the subject to . For safety reasons you might also envisage to bring a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick containing your talk file. If you have any special requirements or if you need further information please contact us.


There are two formats these talks can take:
P: A 45 minutes talk with 5 minutes for questions.
S. A 15 minutes talk with 5 minutes for questions.

Conference Hall

The conference will be on "Departamento de Ambiente e Ordenamento" (DAO), please see the campus map to see the location:


Internet Access

There will be a room (318) with 15 computers for participants.

University residences

Those who asked for a room on the Univ. residences, should go directly to the conference secretariat (DAO) (open on Saturday, 28 from 10 am to 10 pm) to get the room key.