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The Group for Theoretical Physics at University of Aveiro formally was established in April, 2002, as part of the Unit of Research "Physics of Layered Semiconductors, Opto-electronics and Disordered Systems" (FSCOSD) and Associated Laboratory I3N.


The Group Complex Systems and Random Networks (GNET) is an interdisciplinary group at Physics Department (University of Aveiro) devoted to research in the areas of statistical mechanics and mathematical physics. The group has been developing research recently in complex networks and its applications. Other topics of interest are granular media, phase transitions, etc.


The ultimate aim of GNET is to find new phenomena in statistical physical. Other objectives includes better understanding of known phenomena and offering well motivated teaching in theoretical physics to our students. The Group coordinates and directs the research of graduate students in doctoral programs at Physics Department whose primary interests are in the area of Theoretical Physics/Statistical Mechanics.


Students interested in initiate research at undergraduate or graduate level must contact one of the team members and show a high level of expertise in Physics and Mathematics.







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