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Aveiro, 26-28 March 2007


General Information




The hotel for participants is Hotel Moliceiro (****), located in the city centre. The maps below show the location of train station and the campus of the University. The meeting will be in a room close to the entrance of the building of Rectory (Edificio da Reitoria) (see map of campus).


map of aveiro (1, 2)


satelite map station - hotel

(from station to to hotel walking is around 20 min.). By taxi is less than 5 euro.


satelite map hotel- rectory building

(from hotel to campus walking is 15-20 min.)


Travel Information



At Oporto Airport you can take the metro (subway)
* to train station (trip takes 1/2 hour) (Porto - Campanhã). There you can bye the ticket to Aveiro (cheap local trains ("Sub-urbanos": price < 3 euro), which depart every hour and need one hour to arrive in Aveiro (on saturday and sunday), normal week days every 1/2 hour, there are also more fast train but more expensive ("Alfa" or "IC", price ~12 euro). (schedule of trains)


(Porto-Campanha --> ... --> Ovar ... --> ... --> Aveiro)


* in order to buy the ticket for subway you have first to buy a pass (0,60 or 0,80 euro)called "andante", then you charge it with the number of trips you want, in the case, you can pay one or two (in case you plan in return use again subway). Keep this ticket with you. You can get it, pass and chrage in the automatic machines close to the entrace of station. The trip takes 33 minutes, runs every 20 minutes and the price is 1,35 euro (Z4 - four zones).




Better take a taxi (price ~7 euro, 20 min.) from airport to trains station (Lisboa-Oriente), there take a train ALFA or Intercity   to Aveiro, around 2:30 h, the price goes from 13 to 19 euro (schedule). (see map with airport and train station, 2.5 km distance)


(Lisboa-Oriente --> ... --> Coimbra ... --> ... --> Aveiro)




The weather in Portugal in March is unpredictable with an average day temperature of about 15.o C and an average night temperature of 8.o C. Rain and blue sky can follow many times a day.

The weather in Portugal



Voltage: 220/380 volts at a frequency of 50 Hertz. All sockets follow European standards. To use American-type plugs, a 220-volt transformer should be used together with an adapter plug.


Computer facilities

There will be wireless connection on meeting room and campus.


Money matters

Currency: Euro

Credit Cards: Credit cards (such as American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa) are widely accepted in Portugal.


Aveiro in photos


Some Basic Words and Phrases

Thank you — Obrigado

1 — um

20 — vinte

Please — Por favor

2 — dois

30 — trinta

Good morning — Bom dia

3 — três

40 — quarenta

Good afternoon — Boa tarde

4 — quatro

50 — cinquenta

Good evening — Boa noite

5 — cinco

60 — sessenta

Yes — Sim

6 — seis

70 — setenta

No — Não

7 — sete

80 — oitenta

Station — Estação

8 — oito

90 — noventa

Ticket — Bilhete

9 — nove

100 — cem

How much is it? — Quanto custa?

10 — dez

1000 — mil

Do you speak English? — Fala Inglês?



I don’t understand — Não compreendo









Departamento de Física

Universidade de Aveiro

Campus Universitario de Santiago

3810-193 Aveiro - Portugal


Tel: 351 234 378 104

Fax: 351 234 424 964