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To help you, MS Excel table, to annotate your euro coins
ilustrated with coin images

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Portuguese 1 Euro Coins have 2 variations, one with 3x28 stripes and the other with 3x29 stripes on the edge!


In this page you can find

Swap/Trade list (Repetidas para trocas/vendas)
My actual Euro Collection
Swap Euro Coins
The edge of the 2 portuguese Euros
Portuguese Nacional Coin Faces
My World Coins

My double List / Repetidas

Coins I Still Miss (do you have any of them?)

Commemorative Euro Coins


  My Actual Euro collection...   


  have/total   missing
  14/24   France (França)

1999: 5c, 1c; 2000:  5c, 2c, 1c; 2001: 5c, 2c, 1c

   34/40   Germany (Alemanha)

A: 1c; D: 5c; G: 1€, 10c; J: 2€, 5c

   26/32   Netherlands (Holanda)

2002: 2€, 50c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c

   9/9   Portugal -- Complete --
  9/32  Spain (Espanha)

2002 serie. Almost all 2001, 2000. 
50c, 5c

8/8  Luxemburg (Luxemburgo) -- Complete --
8/8  Italy (Itália)

-- Complete --

4/8  Ireland (Irlanda)

2002: 50c, 5c, 2c, 1c

8/8  Austria (Áustria) -- Complete --
16/16  Greece (Grécia) -- Complete --
10/18  Belgium (Bélgica)

2002: 2€, 1€, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c

20/32  Finland (Finlândia) 2000: 20c, 1c; 2001: 1€, 50c, 10c, 2c, 1c; 2002: 2€, 50c, 10c, 2c, 1c 
8/8  Monaco -- Complete --

   Missing all the coins

San Marino  

Updated: 17 / Sep / 2002


Swap Euro Coins

Do you have any Euro coins that I'm missing? In the above list you can find what I need. I can swap them with Portuguese EuroCoins. Look down for portuguese coin faces.
To complete country series I just accept now coins uncirculated or equivalent conditions, without any finger marks. So be sure you can get them in that conditions before propose a swap.

If I already have the coins you have to swap, you can propose a trade. I need some doubles :-) 

If you are interested, or if you wish more informations, mail me ( and than we could come to an agreement about the postal dispatch.
I could be interested to swap more than only one complete series, but we can talk about this, privately, by email.
Obviously I offer and ask complete honesty in swap process.

My ICQ#: 19685699

Postal Address Hélder Bernardo
Rua dos Rasos, Lote 3
3800-065 Aveiro


Portuguese Euro Set - National Face

The edge of the 2 portuguese Euros

To find this variation, you must put common face up and look to the edge of the coin. The are two variations. 

Type A

Type B

(7 castles and 5 shields)

Thanks to Leonardo Pires for the Images

Word Coins

Do you have any coins not listed on my personal world coins table? Maybe we can swap... contact me by email: 

France Coins - by date
I collect the France coins by date. You can look at this Excel Table for my existences. You can propose any swap if you find any I don't have yet.

NEW (20/03/2002) To help your organization of France's coins, here you have the clean table with the dates minted. With coin's images. (Zip compressed)
» Download document

My Numismatic Page (Portuguese Only)

Updated: 09 / Sep / 2002

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