Gladys Castillo Jordán


 Selected Publications






C.Carmona, G.Castillo, and E.Millán: An Adaptive Bayesian Student Model for Discovering the Student's Learning Style and Preferences, in Handbook of Educational Data Mining, Chapter 35, Chapman& Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series, 2010, pp. 493-503.

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B.M. Faria, G.Castillo, L.P. Reis and N. Lau: Classification of FC Portugal Robotic Soccer Formations: A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms, in Proceedings of ROBOTICA2010: 10th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions. Portugal, 2010 (selected to be published in the Robotica magazine in 2011).

B.M. Faria, L.P. Reis, N. Lau and G. Castillo: Machine Learning Algorithms applied to the Classiffication of Robotic Soccer Formations and Opponent Team, Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems (CIS) and Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM), Singapur, 2010, pp. 344-349. []


G. Castillo & J. Gama: Adaptive Bayesian Network Classifiers
Intelligent Data Analysis, 13:1  (2009)
A. Freitas, G. Castillo & A.L. Sao Marcos: Effect of Background Correction on Cancer Classification with Gene Expression Data. Proceedings of the AIME’09, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 5651, Springer Verlag, 2009, pp 416-420  [](draft)

C.Carmona, G.Castillo & E.Millán: Modelo Bayesiano del Alumno basado en el Estilo de Aprendizaje y las Preferencias. IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologías del Aprendizaje 4(2), 2009, pp 139-146.

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C.Carmona, G.Castillo & E.Millán: Designing a Dynamic Bayesian Network for Modeling Student’s Learning Styles. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, 2008, pp 346-350  [](draft)
J.Gama, P.Pereira & G.Castillo: Evaluation of learning from screened positive examples, in Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on Evaluation Methods for Machine Learning in conjunction with ICML 2008, 2008, pp []


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J.Gama  & G.Castillo: Learning with Local Drift Detection, in Advanced Data Mining and Applications, Second International Conference, ADMA 2006, China, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.4093,  Springer Verlag, 2006, pp 42-55 []

2002 -2005

G.Castillo, J.Gama: Bias Management of Bayesian Networks Classifiers, in A. Hoffman, H. Motoda & T.Scheffer (Eds.). Discovery Science - DS 2005, 8th International Conference, Singapore. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, v. 3735, Springer Verlag, 2005, pp. 70-83 []

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