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    Present Position: Assistant  Professor
    Institution:   Department of Mathematics
    University of Aveiro
    Address:  Campus Universitário de Santiago
    Departamento de Matemática
    3810-193 Aveiro
    Contacts:  Phone:    351-234-370359
    Fax:        351-234-382014
    Office:    11.3.37



Teaching                                                                                                                       Top


Since 1999 I have taught
some undergraduate and master courses at the

Math Department of the University of Aveiro

  Bolonha Master Courses  

Data Mining and Machine Learning 2010-2011

Algorithms and Data Structures 2009-2010

   Undergraduate Courses  


Numerical Methods 2010-2011

Numerical and Statistical Methods 2010-2011
Statistical Methods 2007-2008

Introduction to Programming in Java 2006-2007

Operational Research and Optimization
Resources On-line:  


Seminar I and II (MAC) 2001-2002

Programming Languages and Environments  2002-2003

Database Modeling 2002-2003

Introduction to Programming in Logic

  Mathematical Programing II 1999-2000
Analysis and Design of Algorithms 1999-2000

   Invited Lectures

Bayesian Networks Classifiers in Data Mining  in the Doctoral Program “Ingeniería del Software e Inteligencia Artificial. Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación.  Universidad de Málaga,  Junio 2008

   MSc Students

Sandra Ferrão Lopes, University of Aveiro, MSc in Math & Application, specialization in Computer Science, "Geometric Condensing Techniques for the k-NN classifier" (in portuguese),  v + 100 p. (supervision in collaboration with Antonio Leslie Bajuelos Domínguez) completed in


António Dias, University of Aveiro, MSc in Math & Application, specialization in Business and Technological Mathematics: "O problema da p-mediana aplicado ao problema da gestão óptima da diversidade" (in portuguese),  v + 100 p. (supervision in collaboration with Agostinho Agra), completed in Dez/2008 completed in Dez/2008

Ana Luísa Romão de São Marcos, University of Aveiro, MSc in Math & Application, specialization in Business and Technological Mathematics: "Avaliação de metodologias de pré-processamento de dados de microarrays" (in portuguese),  v + 100 p. (supervision in collaboration with Adelaide Freitas), completed in Dez/2009

André Alexandre Sebastião Marques, University of Aveiro, MSc in Math & Application, specialization in Computer Science, "Métodos de bi-clustering no problema de selecção de genes (in portuguese),  v + 100 p. (supervision in collaboration with Adelaide Freitas) completed in Dez/2009


Paulo Batista, University of Aveiro, MSc in Urban and Regional Planning, "Data Mining na identificação de atributos valorativos da habitação" (in portuguese),  v + 100 p. (supervision in collaboration with João Marques Freitas) completed in Dez/2010



 Research                                                                                              Top  

   Research Area:
 Machine Learning and Data Mining

  Research Interests:

Adaptive Learning Systems  
marcaDevelopment and evaluation of adaptive learning algorithms for data streams in changing environments


Bayesian Network Classifiers
marcaEvaluation of adaptive Bayesian network classifiers in two applications:
 e-learning: combining expert knowledge with data to model students’ preferences in Learning Objects Repositories
 e-mail foldering: a rich and multi-faceted classification problem with many challenges

marca User Modeling for Adaptive e-learning Systems
Implementation and evaluation of Bayesian student models in e-learning applications
marca Data Mining
marcaInduction of predictive models for applications in real-state, public-health-service and bioinformatics using data mining techniques with real data
marcaFeature Subset Selection
Educational data mining

Statistical Data Analysis and Combinatorial Optimization
Statistical Classification
marcaMetaheuristic algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems

  Research Positions
marca Researcher of the R&D Unit CIDMA (Center of Research and Development in Mathematics and Applications)

Researcher of the R&D Unit "Centre for Research on Optimization and Control" (CEOC), University of Aveiro (2007-2009)


Collaborator of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD) at the University of Porto (2003-2009)

  Participation in Projects
marca CSREA: “Casa Sapo Real State Analytics (JD/UA/INOV), CREN project, partnership between the University of Aveiro, Janela Digital S.A and INOV-INESC Lisboa  (since September 2011)
marca SESAAME: “Sequencias simbólicas: analisis, aprendizaje, mineria y evolución” supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain,   TIN2008-06582-C03-03/TIN  (since September 2008)
marca OPT-SCL: “Optimal Splice Location Project”, CEOC project in partnership with Yazaki Porto Technical Centre (January 2008- January 2010)

“New Statistical Methodologies for Analysis DNA Microarrays Data”, FCT project (PTDC/MAT/72974/2006) (February 2007-November 2008)

marca Adaptive Learning Systems II” (POSI /EIA  /55340/ 2004), FCT project (January 2004-January 2007)
marca FCT project “Adaptive Learning Systems FCT POSI/SRI/39770/2001) (January 2002 – January 2004)
marca “Geometrix”, University of Aveiro (January 2001- January 2005)
marca “Equamat”, University of Aveiro (January 1999- January 2001)

Other Scientific Affiliations

Member of APPIA (Associação Portuguesa para a Inteligência Artificial) (since 2002)


Member of CLAD (Associação Portuguesa de Classificação e Análise de Dados) (since 2002)


Academic Degrees                                                                                              Top

Ph.D  in Mathematics, 2006
Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro

    Thesis' area: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

      Title: Adaptive Learning Algorithms for Bayesian Network Classifier

M. Sc. in Mathematics, 1986
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics,
    St. Petersburg State University

    Thesis' area: Operational Research

B. Sc. in Mathematics,  1986
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
    St. Petersburg State University
(with honour)



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