Contributed talks in all aspects of Category Theory are welcome and we especially encourage submission of work on applications, as well as on foundations. The scientific programme consists of 50mn invited talks and 25mn contributed talks.

It is our great pleasure to announce a Special Lecture by Bill Lawvere entitled:

"Alexander Grothendieck and the modern conception of Space".

List of invited talks

   Clemens BergerAlgebraic and homotopical nilpotencySlides
Julie BergnerModels for homotopical higher categories
Gabriella BöhmHopf monoids in duoidal categories Slides
Richard GarnerThe Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff adjunction
Henning KrauseStrati cation of triangulated categoriesSlides
Diana RodeloA tour through n-permutabilitySlides

List of contributed talks

Ramón Abud AlcaláComodules for coalgebroids Slides
Jiří AdámekReflective subcategories of locally presentable categories
Tom AveryCodensity and the Giry monad Slides
John BourkeSkew structures in 2-category theory and homotopy theorySlides
5 Dominique BournPartial Mal’tsevness and category of quandlesSlides
Ronald BrownA philosophy of modelling and computing homotopy typesSlides
Dimitri ChikhladzeAnother perspective on skew monoidal structuresSlides
Robin CockettItegories Slides
Geoff CruttwellThe Jacobi identity for tangent categoriesSlides
10 Matěj DostálTwo-dimensional Birkhoff’s theorem
M. Duckerts-AntoineA classification theorem for normal extensionsSlides
Kadir EmirPointed homotopy of 2-crossed module maps and groupoid structureSlides
Valérian EvenCentral extensions and closure operators in the category of quandlesSlides
Marcelo FioreTheory of para-toposes
15 R. González RodríguezEquivalences and iterations for weak crossed productsSlides
Nino GuallartA comparison between ITT and CoC Slides
Nick GurskiDistributive laws for quasicategories
George JanelidzeExponentiable homomorphisms of algebras
Zurab JanelidzeOn a symmetric proof of the non-abelian snake lemma
20 Michael JohnsonSymmetrizing categories of lenses
Peter JohnstoneFunctoriality of modified realizability
André JoyalWitt vectors and the James construction
Seerp R. KoudenburgYoneda embeddings in double categoriesSlides
Steve LackMultiplier bimonoids, multiplier bicomonads, and comonads in a simplicial set
25 Tom LeinsterThe reflexive completion Slides
Poon LeungThe free tangent structure Slides
Guilherme F. LimaSite characterisations for local geometric morphismsSlides
Ignacio López FrancoAspects of lax orthogonal factorisation systems
Zhen Lin LowGeneralising the functor of points approachSlides
30 Fernando LucatelliKan extensions and descent theorySlides
Rory Lucyshyn-Wright          A general theory of measure and distribution monads founded on the notion of commutant of a subtheory
Nelson Martins-FerreiraCategories with 2-cell structures and their internal pseudocategories
Yoshihiro MaruyamaHigher-order categorical substructural logicsSlides
Matías MenniAn 'algebraic' model of a bidirectional Euler continuumSlides
35 Giuseppe MetereAspects of strong protomodularity, actions and quotientsSlides
J.R. Montañez PuentesSome topoi generated by topological spacesSlides
Andrea MontoliOn the “Smith is Huq” condition in S-protomodular categoriesSlides
Sean MossAnother approach to the Kan-Quillen model structureSlides
Paige NorthWeak factorization systems for intensional type theory
40 Jovana ObradovicOn the various definitions of cyclic operadsSlides
Robert ParéSkolem relations and profunctors Slides
Eduardo Pareja-TobesDagger category theory
Darllan C. PintoAn abstract approach to Glivenko’s theoremSlides
Matan PrasmaThe Grothendieck construction for model categoriesSlides
45 Emily RiehlVirtual equipments for ∞-categories
Jiří RosickýClassification theory for accessible categoriesSlides
Giuseppe RosoliniExact completions as homotopical quotientsSlides
Christian SattlerInitial algebras for dependent from plain polynomial functors in quasicategories
Paul SlevinCyclic homology arising from adjunctions
50 Sergejs SolovjovsOn monoidal (co)nuclei and their applicationsSlides
Lurdes SousaCategories of “lax fractions” Slides
Karen Van OpdenboschRegularity for relational algebras and the case of approach spacesSlides
Dominic VerityThe calculus of modules for ∞-categories
Mark WeberInternal algebra classifiers as codescent objects of crossed internal categories
55 David WhiteBousfield localization and algebras over colored operads
Richard WoodWaves and total distributivity Slides
Marek ZawadowskiFibrations of polynomial and analytic functors and monadsSlides
Dan ChristensenA characterization of univalent fibrationsSlides

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