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How to reach us:

The Physics Department occupies building # 13 on the campus map.

Reaching Physics Dept @ UA from the Airport


At Porto Airport you can take a taxi to the main railway stations: "São Bento" or "Campanhã". The taxi fare is about 20€. The best way is to take the underground (metro) to Campanhã which takes 32 minutes. It runs every 35 minutes and the price is 1.35€ (z4 ticket).

At the railway station, there are different types of trains, cheap local trains ("Suburbanos": price ~ 3 euro), which depart every hour and take one hour to reach Aveiro, and more expensive fast trains ("Alfas" or "IC": price ~10 euro). The direction of the train is: São Bento -> Campanha -> ... -> Ovar ... -> ... -> Aveiro.

Porto has two main train stations (São Bento and Campanhã). Campanhã is the best if you take the underground.


If you arrive at Lisbon Airport you can take a taxi to the train station (about 7€) "Gare do Oriente" and from there a train to Aveiro (timetable available on The fastest (and recommended) trains are the Intercidades (IC) and Alfa Pendular (Alfas) services (16/24€). The journey to Aveiro takes about 2h30min.